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          February 2020 
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Principal: Julie Garcia
Happy February! 
This week our Kindergarten Friends celebrated the 101st day of school in  true dalmatian style! They had fun wearing puppy ears and finding lots of ways to count to  101!  
If you can believe it, February 13th is the last day of the trimester! It is crazy to think we are  starting the final third of the school year! Middle School parents, please keep a close eye  on grades using Parent Portal so there are no big surprises! Report cards will go home on  Friday, February 28th.    
Take note, with the exception of preschool, Homyak does have school on February 14th.  This has caused some confusion because the elementary schools in the district do not have  school. There are different requirements in terms of hours in school for middle school and  high school. Because we do have middle school students, we adhere to the middle school  schedule.    
Speaking of February 14th, elementary classrooms will be having afternoon Valentine  parties. Holidays and parties provide us with an opportunity to celebrate our community, I  believe these social events contribute to our culture.  
Please keep in mind, ​before school supervision begins at 7:15 am​, please do not drop  students off prior to this time. Based on teacher contract time, it is not possible to begin  supervision any earlier. If students are dropped off prior to 7:15 am, there will not be  supervision and they will not have access to the building. 
January marked the midway point in the school year. We used this opportunity to  complete a variety of assessments which provide information regarding student  achievement and growth. This data guides our instruction and allows us to problem solve  and make needed adjustments.  
The high school registration process for our 8th graders is underway. Students who are  planning to attend Ft. Lupton High School met with counselors to begin the process of  registering. FLHS will be hosting a parent night on February 6th at 6:00 pm. This is a great  opportunity to learn more about the Ft. Lupton High School. All families are welcome to  attend. Please let me know if I can answer any questions or help you as you begin the  transition process to high school.  
I hope your month is filled with lots of love and XOs! 

 Grade Level Goods - Pre-K: Ellie Walters and Stacie Austin
Unit Theme: Our Neighborhood 
Reading:​ ​This month, we will focus on concepts of book handling, vocabulary,  comprehension, letter sounds, print awareness, high frequency words, and emergent  reading. 
Math:​ ​We will practice counting beyond 10, review patterns, and introduce basic ideas of  addition and subtraction. 
Science:​ ​We will learn about soil, trees, insects, and sounds in our neighborhood. 
Social Studies: ​We will learn about buildings, cleaning up, and community jobs in our  neighborhood.  Writing:​ ​We will learn about concepts of emergent writing and will continue to practice  first and last names.  Social-Emotional Development:​ ​Students will learn about how people are alike and  different, how to play fair, showing respect, and how to solve social problems,   
Kindergarten: Jamie Devine and Meaghan Page Kindergarteners
are having fun, working hard, and learning lots! In math, we are starting  chapter 6 with measurement, graphing, and exploring 2- and 3- dimensional shapes. In  literacy, we have been learning about digraphs and fairytales. In social studies, to tie in with  fairy tales, we are studying kings and queens. Lastly, we will be celebrating our 101st day of  kindergarten on Thursday, January 30th!! We’ll have a doggone good time participating in  different 101 Dalmatian themed activities to commemorate how far we have come this  year ;)    

First Grade: Lindsey Cleland and Carrie McMahan
First grade has been working on identifying tens and ones in two-digit numbers using  Base-10 blocks. We have also been comparing single- and double- digit numbers using the  greater than, less than, and equal symbols. We have been reading winter-themed books  like Three Snow Bears and talking about story elements like sequencing and character  details. We have also been looking for long vowel words with the silent e at the end, and  have begun looking for vowel team words. We have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr,  and written about how to be important and influential people as we get older. This month  we have been learning about the Maya and the Aztec.   

Second Grade: Alexis Fehringer and Danielle Kumaus
In second grade, we will be entering a magical unit on fairy tales during the month of  February. Students will analyze a variety of classic fairy tales as well as fractured fairy tales (the classics with a modern twist). Our students will even get the opportunity to write their  very own magical, fairy tale adventure or write a literary analysis comparing and  contrasting two different fairy tales from different cultures. We will also begin to look at the  circle of life, examining the life cycles of both plants and animals.    

Third Grade: Bobbi Baeza and Samantha Ciolino
Third grade has been hard at work learning about fractions. The rooms were transformed  into pizzerias and the students made paper pizzas to learn about equivalent fractions. They  even ate pizza at the end to celebrate their learning. Third grade has also been learning  about Vikings and how they were not the nicest of people. They will be learning how to  play KUBB, otherwise known as Viking Chess, an outdoor lawn game. 

Fourth Grade: Shelley Brenner and Teresa Ryley
Fourth grade has been exploring physical and chemical weathering with fun hands-on  investigations. In writing, students have been busy working on their writing quilts in  preparation for the Fourth Grade Family Culture Night on February 5. Additionally, students  learned about Feudalism to gear up for their next core novel, ​Robin Hood​. Finally, students  have been working with adding and subtracting fractions, mixed numbers, and decimal  numbers. 

Fifth Grade: James Guay and Melisa Hansen
Greetings from Mr. Guay’s class! As we settle in after winter break, we are nearing the end  of our fifth math unit on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We have  just finished our novel study of the ​The Westing Game ​ , by Ellen Raskin. Everyone enjoyed  this classic mystery which we will be comparing to Sherlock Holmes’s short story, “The  Adventure of the Speckled Band” next in writing. We are busy reviewing our social studies  unit on the Age of Exploration in preparation for the test this week. We will begin a science  unit on the structures and processes of plants next. Thank you for your continued support!   

MS Team: Sara Jakobsen, Lindsey Parks, Jason Pflaum Ben Whetsell
The middle school students are in full swing with their studies as we have passed the mid-year point of the school year.    
The 6th graders are currently exploring perimeter and area in math. In English and  Language Arts they are reading ​Bud Not Buddy ​ and exploring research skills. Science has  them moving on from the forces that shape Earth’s surface to looking at Earth’s waters. In  Social Studies, students are finishing up a unit on ancient Greece and preparing to move to  ancient Rome.    
The 7th graders, in math, are focusing on linear functions, In English and Language Arts they  are exploring the past through the ​Narrative of Frederick Douglas ​ , focusing on the institution  of slavery and abolition. In Science students have just finished up a unit on atoms and  bonding and are moving to chemical reactions. The Russian Revolution is the focal point in  Social Studies as students are beginning to bridge the gap between the two world wars.  

The 8th graders are currently focusing on quadratic functions in math. English and  Language Arts is exposing students to analyzing speeches, particularly those pertaining to  civil rights amongst different groups. Students just finished a unit on work and energy in  Science and are now progressing towards exploring potential and kinetic energy. In Social  Studies, students are moving on from exploring the United States Constitution to analyzing  the events of the Cold War.   

Physical Education Happenings: Nicole Stead
Hello Homyak parents! While Mrs. Stead is out on maternity leave I am taking over in her  absence. I just finished my degree at Metropolitan State this past December with my k-12  physical education license. The first couple weeks I have been here at Homyak I have loved  working with all of the students and different grade levels here. The Elementary students  have been working on their throwing and rolling skills. The middle school students have  been improving upon their basketball skills and just starting gameplay. The students love  coming to PE and have been very respectful in Mrs. Stead’s absence. I look forward to the  next couple months on improving not only their physical ability, but their sportsmanship and  teamwork. 
Trent Feldt 
In Fitness & Health 

Learning Center Updates: Candace Uvalle
In the Learning Center, students are working on memorization of math facts, multiple-step  word problems and other math calculation skills. In reading, each small group continues to  practice decoding strategies that will help them unlock higher levels of text. All efforts in the  Learning Center are meant to create greater confidence and a self-motivation for learning! 

Reading Intervention: Shelly Rajewich
Greetings Homyak parents! This month I'd like to focus on the relationship between reading  and writing; as well as offer some suggestions for writing activities that you can do at home.  Through writing experiences, children expand their vocabulary, creativity, and learn how  language works when communicating with others. Encouraging writing activities at home is  a great way to reinforce the reading lessons your child is learning at school. Here are 4  simple & fun ideas: 
1. Have your child help you write the grocery list or chore list. 
2. Help your child write a friendly letter to a friend or relative. Sending postcards from trips is  & also a lot of fun!  
3. Homemade birthday cards are a great way for kids to practice writing & encourages  creativity! 
4. Encourage your child to keep a daily journal. Journaling teaches kids that writing is fun, &  gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts & feelings.  

Music Happenings: Kara Spitler Job

KINDERGARTEN & FIRST GRADE  This month we will be retelling familiar and favorite stories through instrumentation and  movement. We will also begin learning the basics of playing Orff instruments. Students will  begin to sing and play a simple melody with an accompaniment. 
UPPER ELEMENTARY   Fourth and fifth grade classes are excited to begin recorders this month! As we learn the  recorder we will be working on reading treble clef notes on the staff along with basic  rhythms. We are continuing to work on vocal/singing skills with solfege and building a  repertoire of songs from different genres.    
BAND  We are continuing to work on note reading and more complicated rhythms. The band is  now playing songs with multiple parts and sounding great! We are learning basic music  theory and applying it in our playing.  
MUSICAL   There will be an opportunity for middle school students to take music theater as an elective  for third trimester. We will be doing The Wizard of OZ and there are many opportunities  including singing, acting, dancing, set/props, and backstage help(production). The  performance will be in May towards the end of the school year. 

Art: Krystina Sanders
In the next coming months K-5th will be doing a monster/critters unit learning about a pair of  artists who create fun Kuda-Lah critters. Basically fun monsters with unique traits and  personalities. Every grade level will create a critter ranging in materials like fabric, paint, oil  pastels and paper weaving. I can't wait to show these around the entire school. Also,  Middle school electives are coming to a close and they will be switching classes in 4 short  weeks. Check out the amazing clay chia pets my mixed media class created on our  facebook page.    
Last my yearbook club has been hard at work creating our amazing yearbooks. Orders are  due April 1st so please order soon. You can order online at ​​ YEARBOOK  ID CODE: 14043320. Extra order forms can be found in the office or with me Mrs. Sanders.  Checks can be made out to lifetouch. Prices may go up after April 1st so get it now at our  low price of only $16.    

School Psych: Dr. Lauren Hangee
As we move into the second half of the school year, it is important to continue to remember  the impact of attendance and missed instruction. While we understand that family  commitments, emergencies, and sick days are all part of raising kids, making sure that our  students are at school and are receiving quality instruction is critical for their success as  learners. 
Attendance Chart

CODE SRO: Officer Gregg Lotspeich
Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and that the New  Year finds you healthy and happy. In this issue of Homyak Happenings, I would like to  address a couple of issues that have come up and are worth addressing.     
Lost and Found  Parents, have you noticed that there has been a decline in the amount of laundry that you  have to do from the previous week? Have you noticed that there is more closet space in  your house? Particularly the coat closet? Have you noticed that you have slowly gained  more storage space in your kitchen over the last 5 months and that your supply of  Tupperware and Gladware is dwindling? Have your kiddos been complaining how cold it  is during recess? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, the answer might lie  in the schools lost and found bins, located across the hall from the Lunchroom. That’s  because they are full of unclaimed coats, sweaters, gloves, hats, shoes, lunchboxes,  sunglasses, pencils, pens and heaven knows what else. These bins have been steadily filling  ever since the first day of school and every day, staff members and I walk the areas around  the school, after recess and lunch period​ ​and gather up coats, etc. that have been taken  off and dropped on the ground or left on the tables and benches. Please have your   kiddos stop by the bins and claim any property that belongs to them or you can come in  and peruse this area yourself.   
Traffic In and Around the School  We have noticed a change in the demeanor and driving behavior of parents when  dropping off and picking up the children. There have been a couple of very close calls  where kids were almost struck by cars because the driver either didn’t see the child or the  driver was distracted and speeding.  

Remember: The speed limit within the confines of the school parking lot is 15 MPH and  sometimes, even that speed is too fast for driving conditions, whether it be traffic or weather  related. As a reminder, there is now a stop sign posted on the east side of the drive at the  crosswalk location. This means that if there is no crossing guard to help the pedestrian  traffic across, you must stop and yield the right of way. If there is a crossing guard in the  intersection with a handheld stop sign, the crossing guard has priority over a stationary sign.  Failure to yield to a crossing guard with a stop sign carries the same penalty as running a  stationary stop sign.  

As a reminder, the circle drive in front of the school is a one-way drive that circles to the left  from the “hug and go lane”. The driveway on the east side that has the big orange cones  and traffic signs that say, “no entry, exit only” mean just that. Please do not try to cut corners and jump the line thinking you can pull into the parking lot, using that driveway to  pull in and find a parking space. The Hug-N-Go lane is specifically for that purpose. Please  do not park your vehicle and leave it to come inside the school. Use the parking lot to park  if you need to come inside and remember to turn off your vehicle and lock it. Do not leave  it running with the keys in the ignition.  

Did you know that there are 5 violations that the police are allowed to write tickets for on  private property? They are: Reckless driving, Careless driving, unsafe backing, DUI and  DWAI. 

Another extremely dangerous behavior that we have noticed an increase in, are violations  of the seat belt laws, not only for adults but especially the children. Having children  unrestrained in the vehicle is not only dangerous but it is illegal and will result in an expensive  summons being issued. Remember that the speed limit during the times that the flashing  lights are on, indicating a school zone, is 20 MPH, not 35 MPH or higher. Click it or Ticket! 

Please help us keep the children safe. In the future, you can expect to see a more  aggressive strategy in dealing with violators that we stop. With Valentine’s Day fast  approaching, I’m sure that there is something much more worthwhile that you should be  spending money on, instead of giving it to the City!!  
NJHS Historian: Eddie Ryley NJHS/NEHS will be starting a clothing drive during the last two weeks of January. Items such  as coats, boots, shirts and dresses will be donated to the Ft. Lupton Clothing and Food Bank.  More information will be presented to classes as well as sent home soon.    
We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Fall fundraiser, it was a huge success for our school! We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience the delayed orders caused. We will take that into consideration for future fundraisers. It is our understanding that all orders have been received. If this is not the case could you please email the PTSA at We do have a few events coming up that we will need parent volunteers for, if you would like to help out please send us an email, thank you! Our next meeting will be February 20th at 2:45pm in the cafeteria.

Homyak Student of the MonthMark Your Calendars
February 4th:             No School Pre-School Students 
February 4th:             Chick-fil-A Night for Homyak from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. 
February 5th:             4th Grade Family Culture Night from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. 
February 17th:           No School/Presidents Day 
February 20th:           PTSA from 2:45 - 3:45 p.m. 

Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity  Statement In compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, Colorado law and Board of Education Policy AC (Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity), Weld Re-8 School District does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, age, marital status, genetic information, or physical characteristics in admissions, access to, treatment, or employment in educational programs or activities which it operates. Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees and members of the public. The following person has been identified as the compliance officer for the district: Superintendent, Weld Re-8 School District: 200 South Fulton,  Fort Lupton, CO 80621, 303.857.3200,